Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Superior Packaging, Inc do? We design and manufacture packaging solutions that meet your business needs and requirements.

What kind of Packaging Solutions? Superior Packaging works closely with their customers in order to get a perfect grasp on the most cost-effective, beneficial, and creative ways we can help take their products from prototype to the store shelves. We have many different solutions and ideas on starting a project and we are constantly perfecting our skills.

What types of materials do use in your Packaging?
The most common materials are polyvinylchloride (PVC), and urethane. Other materials such as EVA, PET-G and a number of types of formulations in the PET family are also used with great success.

Which material (PET or PVC) is the best choice for my applications?
Material selection is based on your specific application and ultimately where your product is to be shipped. PVC material holds several advantages over its PET counterpart. These include superior resistance to heat and flames and better overall sealing capabilities. PET material holds an advantage in the fact that it is more widely accepted, especially in the European community, than its PVC counterpart. At Superior Packaging, Inc we offer packaging made from both PVC and PET materials and can make an accepted package for your product no matter where it may be headed.

What is Superior Packaging's average lead-time?
Superior Packaging's average lead-time is approximately three to six weeks. This average entails the entire concept-to-production process including generating CAD conceptual drawings, prototype tooling, sampling of the prototype tool, production tooling, and material lead-time. While three to six weeks is a company average, Superior Packaging understands the customer's need to meet specified "product-to-market" dates and will work with a client to meet these deadlines.

What is the average cost of tooling?
Each product is custom designed per the customer's request. Tooling is generally based on the size and number of cavities involved, as well as, the overall complexity of the product being packaged. The average cost per tool ranges from $3,000 to $25,000.

Do I have to have a separate package made for each of my products?
No, Superior Packaging, Inc routinely develops custom packages that can contain and accommodate multiple products. You can have one package that is used for most or all of your products. Also, we offer some standard packages that eliminate the costs associated with tooling and design while greatly reducing lead times.

Why does Superior Packaging, Inc manufacture clear protective packaging?
Clear plastic packaging has several advantages. First of all, clear packaging allows for instant inspection of products, both by the manufacturer and by your potential customers, without having to open the package. This prevents any kind of potential damage to the product. Having a clear packaging also allows for bar code reading, which also reduces the amount of handling endured by a product. Finally, in a retail setting, clear packaging allows the product to be viewed by the consumer while providing the product the opportunity to "sell itself."

Is thermoformed plastic packaging recyclable?
Yes, both PVC and PET are recyclable materials. PET can even be deposited in your local curbside refuse container. At Superior Packaging, we realize that everything we do ultimately has an impact on the environment. As a result, we have a recycling program in place with our primary material supplier in which we grind both PVC and PET scrap and then sell it back to the material supplier through a closed-loop recycling program.

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